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Use CloudGuard to scan your serverless infrastructure, code, and runtime environments to ensure continuous security. Utilizing machine-based analysis and deep learning algorithms. CloudGuard builds a model of normal application and function behavior to detect and stop application-layer attacks

Shift Left Scanners

For cloud security posture management and continuous compliance, Check Point CloudGuard provides security frameworks, compliance polices, and the ability to customize policies (using GSL) across accounts.


Continuously scan functions, to increase security posture- providing observability, and continuous assessment.


Build security posture capabilities into CI/CD prior to deployment. Provides developers with clear guidance on how to detect and remediate risks.


Maximize serverless application security through automatic least privilege protection for functions, logs, and databases.

Native integration to CI/CD and task management tools

Automatically assess configuration risks and generate least privilege IAM roles

Scan functions for dependency vulnerabilities and embedded credentials

Define and enforce policies and thresholds at point of deployment

Use Case
Fix your serverless vulnerabilities before deploymentview CODE example

Use CloudGuard’s serverless plugin to auto-generate the least privileged  IAM roles, find 3rd party vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and embedded credentials.